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A Foundation for Community, Research, Education, Access, Training and Empowerment

Created in 2017, The Global Health Initiative Foundation, located in Longmont, Colorado, manages corporate funds and charitable contributions. As a public charity, we work to address issues of concern in our communities, such as social and health issues affecting children and families, education as well as supporting community revitalization. We solve problems, develop partnerships and provide leadership to help build lasting, positive change in the global community.

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GHI Foundation Appoints New CEO

GHI Foundation is excited to announce the appointment of its new CEO, Associate Professor Kylie O’Brien PhD. Kylie has a diverse background, having worked in the fields of optometry, public health, Chinese medicine, and integrative medicine in Australia. She is a recognized international expert in integrative medicine and Chinese medicine, and recognized by the Australian government for her expertise in tertiary education and complementary medicine. With a background also in clinical practice and clinical research, she has been leading medicinal cannabis education in Australia. She brings a passion for helping people achieve optimal health and wellbeing through strategic, evidence-based integrative medicine solutions which empower individuals and communities through education and action.

Global Health Initiative

Delivering equity in health and value in community for all people worldwide

The Global Health Initiative was created to provide a platform for the advancement of clinical research into sustainable medical alternatives and distribution alliances to provide safe and legal access for patients of any means. Delivering quality training for medical professionals in the United States and Internationally, the Global Health Initiative is proud to launch Stage 1 of our education implementation strategy.



Training and Education

Global Health Initiative in collaboration with The Medical Cannabis Institute provides online training and certification for Physicians and Nurses. Listen, Learn and Watch experts cover the latest on the Science behind and Clinical Application of Medical Cannabis. Start a Course Today.




Clinical Studies

We at the Global Health Initiative want to continue the quest for helping people achieve better health. We are running our own ongoing studies researching how Cannabinoids, Cannabis, CBD and Medical Marijuana is helping people worldwide. If you would like to contribute to Science in exchange for access to premium sample products, please register for a study.



Research Library – A traditional tool for modern medicine.

Initially much of this website contains the Medical Cannabis Research Library and information regarding the use of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, medical cannabis including Industrial Hemp and U.S. state and international federally regulated marijuana. This information was compiled and curated by Dr. Helena Yardley (PhD Neuroscience and PhD Physiology) for Phoenix Life Sciences to donate to the Global Health Initiative to provide free access to medical professionals worldwide.

Welcome to Stage 1 – Mitchell Willis, Founder and Chief Executive


Building strong communities locally and globally by providing resources for education, mentoring, nutrition, athletics, job creation and drug and alcohol education.


Developing and compiling the latest clinical studies on cannabinoids, cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis. Advancing other Sustainable Healthcare.


Learning healthcare through diet, exercise, environment and supplements.


Creating access to products through partnering with other organizations to provide optimal healthcare to underserved regions around the United States and around the world.


Physicians and Medical Health Staff have the opportunity to earn Certifications through our eLearning online training courses and regional training initiatives.


Self-respect and respect for others are the core values to an enriched life. Lifting our communities together provides strength and compassion and a strong foundation to build upon.
Contribute to Science!
We are collecting data on people using cannabis or cannabis based products to alleviate negative symptoms. Participate in our ongoing study to support cannabis as medicine, and help patients gain access to premium medical cannabis products derived from Industrial Hemp and U.S. state and other Internationally regulated marijuana from our sponsors and donors….
Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System

There is almost no physiological system that has been looked into
in which endocannabinoids don’t play a certain part.

– Raphael Mechoulam – Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine

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