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A Foundation for Community, Research, Education, Access, Training and Empowerment

Created in 2017, The Global Health Initiative Foundation, located in Longmont, Colorado, manages corporate funds and charitable contributions. As a public charity, we work to address issues of concern in our communities, such as social and health issues affecting children and families, education as well as supporting community revitalization. We solve problems, develop partnerships and provide leadership to help build lasting, positive change in the global community.

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GHI Foundation Appoints New CEO

GHI Foundation is excited to announce the appointment of its new CEO, Associate Professor Kylie O’Brien PhD. Kylie has a diverse background, having worked in the fields of optometry, public health, Chinese medicine, and integrative medicine in Australia. She is a recognized international expert in integrative medicine and Chinese medicine, and recognized by the Australian government for her expertise in tertiary education and complementary medicine. With a background also in clinical practice and clinical research, she has been leading medicinal cannabis education in Australia. She brings a passion for helping people achieve optimal health and wellbeing through strategic, evidence-based integrative medicine solutions which empower individuals and communities through education and action.


Mental Health, Medicinal Cannabis and Nutritional Medicine 

Saturday 20 July 2019

About the Conference


Research indicates that mental health conditions are some of the most common conditions that patients use medicinal cannabis for. Yet few healthcare practitioners know much about medicinal cannabis or other nutritional approaches to the treatment of mental health disorders. This knowledge is vital for healthcare practitioners. Whether or not you want to or can use medicinal cannabis as a treatment option or not, you need to know the facts so that you can answer questions from your patients.

This one-day conference explores what medicinal cannabis is, the endocannabinoid system, delivery methods and pharmacokinetics/ dynamics, its evidence base in the treatment of a range of mental health conditions. It will also cover other nutritional medicine approaches to moods and mental health. The conference features keynote speaker Dr Sue Sisley MD, expert in PTSD and medicinal cannabis, and a host of Australian academics and clinicians.

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Global Health Initiative Foundation for:

Community, Research, Education, Access, Training and Empowerment.



Building strong communities locally and globally by working with local communities on strategic healthcare solutions and public health initiatives.


Advancing sustainable healthcare by conducting clinical research into medicinal cannabis and other nutritional medicines in targeted areas of need.


Enabling health and wellbeing of individuals and communities by providing public education about nutrition/diet, exercise, environmental and other factors, and nutritional medicines such as medicinal cannabis.


Creating access to medicinal plant-based products including medicinal cannabis, through partnering with other organizations to provide optimal healthcare to underserved regions around the world.


Providing evidence-based training and certification in medicinal cannabis for medical practitioners, nurses, and allied healthcare practitioners via face-to-face and eLearning online training courses.


By lifting our communities together and living and promoting the values of self-respect and respect for others, we help build a strong foundation for a healthier world.


The GHI Foundation is focused on six main strategic areas:

Research and Community Health Projects

We facilitate and conduct clinical research into the efficacy of medicinal cannabis and other plant-based medicines for the treatment of key areas of illness, and work collaboratively with local communities on community health projects in areas of need.

Public Education Events

GHI provides evidence-based public education on a range of health issues, including nutritional and environmental approaches to health, with a focus on medicinal cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis Research Library

GHI has curated a wide range of scientific papers on medicinal cannabis, by condition.


Healthcare Practitioner Training and Education

GHI provides healthcare practitioner education in integrative medicine approaches to health, with a focus on medicinal cannabis, through a range of educational activities.

Consultancy Services to Industry

GHI provides consultancy services to medicinal cannabis, hemp, and other natural medicine companies including advice on education, R&D strategy, clinical study protocols, product information brochures and company/product-focused education.

Medicinal Cannabis Prescriber Directory

GHI provides a directory of medical practitioners prescribing medicinal cannabis in Australia, which will be expanded to other countries in the future.

Keep in touch with us for all the latest upcoming news and announcements.

Global Health Initiative is leading the effort to educate physicians, healthcare providers and potential patients about the benefits of cannabinoid-based medicine as part of its Human Health programs.